List of Index Funds

Here is the list of Index Funds with expense ratio, tracking error and current NAV.

List of ETFs in NSE India

Here is the list of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) traded in National Stock Exchange of India, with expense ratio, tracking error and current market price.

Total Returns Index

The Nifty Total Returns Index, is nothing but Nifty plus the total dividends announced by Nifty companies, which are assumed to be reinvested.

NIFTY family of indices are price index and hence reflects the returns one would earn if investment is made in the index portfolio. However, a price index does not consider the returns arising from dividend receipts. Only capital gains arising due to price movements of constituent stocks are indicated in a price index.

Therefore, to get a true picture of returns, the dividends received from the constituent stocks also need to be factored in the index values. Such an index, which includes the dividends received, is called the Total Returns Index.

Total Returns Index reflects the returns on the index arising from (a) constituent stock price movements and (b) dividend receipts from constituent index stocks.

The following table shows returns of Total Returns Index over various time periods.